Community Infection Assessment Tool 2022

Community Infection Assessment Tool 2022

This tool is intended to help governments, partners, community organizations and community volunteers to plan and facilitate community engagement in surveillance and action on risks of exposure to COVID-19 at the community level.

Its use leads to the following results:

  • the establishment of a system for monitoring the risks of transmission of COVID-19 and the level of risk in the communities, focusing on the risk assessment in places and situations where the risks of transmission are high due to public interactions (markets, funerals, schools, gatherings, etc.).
  • the opportunity to make informed decisions, based on verifiable factual data and adapted to the different realities specific to each community.
  • It is accompanied by a user guide, and good preparation for its implementation with all stakeholders is an imperative.

Use this link to access the electronic form - AFRO_IPC_Tool_10 Community Score Card (

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